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The Fearless Legions' forums are up and running. All you need is a Runboard global account to join in the chat. and it only takes a few minutes to make one and confirm it via email.

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After a ten hour struggle of patience and perseverance, The Fearless Legions has broached the Titan's Chamber. Learning this new raid was fun and challenging for sure, but we know it's tricks now! Party was Buhwheat, Chopp, Eldritch, Ellisa, Euler, Garick, Healinya, Hott, Isldur, Kreger, Lowell and Wickedness through the first part. After the grueling mission, we lost Euler, Ellisa, Hott and Lowell to the sleep monster. The remaining 8 pressed on to see the Warforged Titan. 7/24/06

Word to the wise... Don't piss off the Titan!

Put all other myths aside! The truth is out for how best to get good loot from chests. No, it isn't diplomacy, charisma or character level. Nothin to do with the name of the leader of the group, or the alphabetical entering of the instance. It has been scientifically proven (by a commitee of gnomes, gno less) that in order to garuntee good loot from chests a dwarf must grab the chest and begin to dance, then all others must immediately look in the area of the chest for ham. The last person to look for ham must open the chest, but not until after running around the chest three times counter-clockwise.

Someone should've told Velah not to eat the little green pill.(7/11/06)

Beat down the dragon on Hard... then do a happy dance!!!(7/11/06)

Speaking of happy dances... is that a fair elven maid dancing with a flesh render? Oh Tae, the comments I should make.

And also, if yer gonna dance, ya should really have a disco ball.

Much better, a couple of burly dwarves dukin' it out. My bets on Creegan!

First fearless legions dragon raid, with just a couple of guests. Nirvana, Magmus Mikimoto and Kurgon joined tfl on this mission on 5/21/06. Here we see the gang practicing their "blown out of a cannon" routine, in the depths of the vault of night.

Picture of the dragon from a mixed guild attempt, the day before. Hippie, Eldritch and Cerbi represented tfl. 5/20/06 He looks pretty big... and we are still aways away...

A sense of foreboding? There is just a piece of glass 'tween him and us... 5/20/06

This looks bad... ... and it was. 5/20/06 PUG raid ends here. Hello marketplace!

But the next day... the next day was another story indeed! 5/21/06 Buh Bye dragon! The group was Creegan, Eldritch, Ellisa, Frogert, Garick, Hippie, Khelder, Kurgon, Lowell, Magmus, Mikimoto(Critcal), and Nirvana.

The fearless legions, just hangin out in the Phoenix Tavern. May 3rd, 2006.

The drinks are flowing, weapons are set aside and inhibitions are set aside. May 3rd, 2006.

Eat, drink, be merry, and get nekkid! May 3rd, 2006.

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