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The Fearless Legions' forums are up and running. All you need is a Runboard global account to join in the chat. and it only takes a few minutes to make one and confirm it via email.

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Looking to join a fun crew? Well, if good natured attitudes, joking and teasing, all while playing your favorite video game sounds like your style, let us know! Visit our forums, sign up and post your application on our "Fearless Recruitment" Forum.
First part is to check to be sure you meet our requirements. They aren't too tough, but we will stick to them.

First, atleast one of your characters that joins must have a minimum of 500 favor. This is just so we know that you have gotten through the preliminary stages of the game, and will be able to contribute to the guild.
Second, you must have atleast three guild sponsors. One of which must be an officer. These people will be putting their name on the line for you, so don't expect just a random acquiantence to go out on a limb. We assume you'll want to know us abit before joining our crew, so having 3 people vouch for ya shouldn't be tough.
(These first two requirements may be waved if someone is a Real Life friend of a guildmate)
Third, you must agree to our Raid Loot Policy. This is explained in depth in our Raid Loot Policy thread, but the highlights are; you must be inguild for 1 month (probation period) before you qualify for raid loot, Officer or Raid Leader will determine which classes will be allowed to roll for drops (depending on Need basis), you may only win one item a month and must raid atleast twice between wins to qualify for winning.
Fourth, understand that your first month is a probation period. At the end of this month if we aren't for you, or vice versa, you will be given your ship's ticket and removed from the crew. No hard feelings if you chose to leave us before this time, we understand not everyone has the same playstyle or ingame goals.

If you meet these simple prereq's you may very well be Fearless material, and we want you with us! All ya have to do now is make a formal application. This is a very easy process, and relatively painless.

Step one: Make a forum account (takes about 5 mins) and post in this forum.
Step two: List your Sponsors, and have them post here on your application that they are sponsoring you. No need for lovey-dovey why-fors, just a post saying they are accepting the duty.
Step three: Include in your Post the character(s) you are planning to bring into The Fearless Legions. Remember one of these must have a total of atleast 500 favor. Please include Name, Level, Favor Total, Race and Class(es) of your characters.
Step four: once your sponsors have confirmed their sponsorship by posting, your officer sponsor (or another officer if yours in unavailable to log in) will send you your guild invite. Welcome aboard!

The Veto Rule: Even if you have sponsors, it is possible that a guild member or officer can veto your joining. Sucks, I know, but we would prefer everyone inguild get along, and we will honor and keep current members before bringing someone in who will make waves.

P.S. Immaturity, over-the-top vulgarity, Drama-Queen attitudes, overly annoying attitudes are all grounds for immediate removal from guild. Please remember we do have some younger members, and families playing. keep it fun folks!

Site is owned by The Fearless Legions. Edited and Created by Creegan Coded by Miko Reznor.